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  • 06/24/14--23:35: Linda Awuku
  • BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles

    Final year knit student on the BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles course at London College of Fashion with an experimental approach to design and ability to knit with a variety of materials. Previous degree in illustration allowed me to exercise strong drawing and conceptual thinking skills, which are continually integrated into my current work which is described as unconventional yet, wearable with a feminine touch. As part of my final major project, the idea of fashioned-objects that grow with the wearer over time was explored drawing inspiration from Western charm jewellery and its variants worldwide. Further research into the concept resulted in a collection of luxurious, knitted art jewellery pieces, which uniquely showcase the idea of building forms through the use of unconventional materials and techniques. These ‘one-off’ pieces are geared towards sophisticated women of any age who enjoy ‘making statements’ through dress which allow their personalities to shine just like a piece of charm jewellery. _________________________________________________ Extra-Curricular Projects: Art of Dress Project Selected along with other students to take part in the 'Art of Dress' project, a traveling exhibition organized by LCF Creative Director Rob Phillips taking place in London, Shanghai, New York, Dubai and Florence. _________________________________________________ Education: September 2011-present [University of the Arts London: London College of Fashion [London, England] [BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles] Specializing in knit Sept 2010-May 2011 [University of the Arts London: Chelsea College of Art and Design] [London, England] [Foundation Diploma in Art and Design] Specialized in Fashion and Textile Design 2004-2008 [Ontario College of Art and Design] [Toronto, Ontario Canada] [Bachelor of Design, Illustration] 2003-2004 [Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning] [Oakville, Ontario, Canada] [Art Fundamentals Certificate] _________________________________________________ Work Experience: _________________________________________________ Credits: " a piece of charm jewellery." A/W 14/15 lookbook images - Photographer: Linda Awuku - Model: Mariana Garcia de la Noceda

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  • 06/27/14--00:24: Man Mak
  • Photography: EliÅ¡ka Kyselková, Model: Matthew Neale (Oxygen), Hair Stylist: Rebecca C Amoroso

    BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Menswear

    "A- is a disgrace" is about contemporary over-parenting. The concept behind is to express the modern parents overprotect their children whilst overreact to them. Especially on academic, parents put high expectations on the grades of exam, "A+ is standard, A- is a disgrace". In terms of silhouette is inspired by Japanese school uniform, essentially includes sailor collar, Gakuran jacket ( jacket with Madarian collar) and pleated skirts. Man Mak _Contact number: (44)7761322179 _Email: Press: Collaboration Project KALTBLUT Magazine_( Page355,360 ) FMP Fucking Young_ _ Trendsfolio_ Rqsct_ Tirade_ Lui Italy Magazine( Page 42-54 )

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  • 06/27/14--10:46: Lisaveta Haponenka
  • Untitled 1

    BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles

    Passionate about colour and textures.

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  • 06/27/14--20:28: Guyhyun Jee
  • Images courtesy of Dazed, Photography by Jamie Stoker

    BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Menswear

    JEEGUI"FRAGMENT" A 15 autumn/winter season collection: investigating the concept that is ‘FRAGMENT’, representing an incomplete human development and fragmented memories of human history, through different texture, fabric and diagonal pattern cutting. ‘FRAGMENT’ in futuristic modern society is a representation of seeking traditional and primitive authenticity within humanity that we lost, against the lifestyles of modern society, which is lacking freedom, sameness or uniformity by large-scale manufacturing. In this collection, key fabrics are fur against showing with metallic silver leather and high tech bonded fabric. Basically, fur symbolizes the human authenticity from primitive and folk imagery, so that the fur in the collection is combined and crafted with futuristic fabric. It is a strong hybrid type of collection. Guyhyun is a menswear designer, who studied at London College of Fashion BA Menswear. Fur sponsored by Saga Furs Zip sponsored by Lampo Italy Photography, James Rees Creative Direction, Rob Phillips Hair, Melissa Wong Make - Up, Kirsty Gaston Supported by SAGA FURS Model, Liren Shih Photography, Giovanni Mantins Model, Gregory France (This is Another Day) Hair & Make Up, Jerry Keszka ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Press Show VOGUE DAZED ______________________press______________________ Pause Magazine Fucking Young IDOL Magazine VMM Magazine 241-249 TIRADE Magazine _________________________________________________ Contact:

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  • 06/28/14--01:36: Diana Camilleri
  • Nature Prevails : Signature Court Shoe - Achillea

    BA (Hons) Cordwainers Footwear: Product Design and Development

    Supporting the journey towards refashioning footwear products into desirable, sustainable pieces was the objective of the final project. With the challenge to refine the rough textural appearance highly associated with sustainable designs, the designer developed a unique range to create modernistic, enticing shoes. The gentle spirit of nature and it's natural cycle is the key inspiration for the collection. Through a combination of traditional natural dyeing techniques with flowers, red cabbage, logwood and other natural ingredients, a range of print and colour variations was produced to develop a collection of unique, exclusive products. The concept produces inevitable fresh, feminine designs supported by a sustainable, unique selling point in footwear fashion. ................................................................................................ A very confident, multi-talented Footwear Designer/Product Developer that is inquisitive and analytical in her studies. Having completed work experiences both in luxury and commercial fields, she demonstrates a keen interest footwear product development and business awareness. With a commercial understanding, consumer behaviour is her key drive to creating products that are unique and desirable. Diana has developed an extensive understanding of the technical making processes and has engaged with several IT softwares to enhance the variety of CAD skills within her portfolio. She is incredibly focused and determined and her skills would highly contribute to any company in the fashion industry. Model: Monica Jethwani Photographer: Nils Wilbert

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  • 06/28/14--01:51: Crista Repo
  • Look 2: Boxy neoprene t-shirt and stretch wool slim fit smart joggers with pocket zip details

    MSc International Fashion Management

    ABOUT Crista Repo is a Finnish entrepreneur and creative director of her own designer label based in London. Her menswear collections focus on minimal Scandinavian design in exclusive high-end materials. Having attended art school in her native Finland, where she later on earned a vocational degree in visual communications, Crista uses these Scandinavian influences in her collections. These are reflected in her designs and visual aesthetics, as well as inspiring her inclusion of ethical Finnish leathers and furs, with fabrics originating mainly from Italy, France and UK. Having studied at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, then going on to complete her masters in International Fashion Management at the London College of Fashion, Crista established a strong theoretical background in fashion and the business skills of managing international brands. In addition to her education, before founding CR Studios ltd, the company behind her designer label, Crista further developed her keen interests working in diverse roles across different fields of fashion from retail to PR and communications. Her experience working as a menswear stylist has had a particularly strong influence in the development of her brand. Crista also aspires to incorporate her love for art and design into her collections by collaborating with visual artists in various fields of communication. BUSINESS PLAN SUMMARY Whilst working as a menswear stylist she discovered the business opportunities in the blooming menswear market. Having skills and experience in various roles in fashion she decided to start her own menswear label. A thorough research of the menswear market revealed that the fastest growing and most profitable markets are the ‘aspirational’ and ‘ultimate luxury’ markets, among elite, upper middle and middle class males between the ages of 25 to 35 years. She then build a customer profile in this demographic. Mr Exuberant, an outgoing confident male in his early 30’s, an athletic guy who pays attention to his personal appearance and aspires to designer labels such as Dior, Margiela, Givenchy and Neil Barrett. She then further analysed this customer through interviews and observations and learned that this man is willing to invest in good quality clothing that lasts beyond seasons. He wants trend lead pieces that are wearable and practical. By using this information and further trend research Crista developed her designer label and collection that focuses on high quality, minimal and wearable designs that are smart yet comfortable and easy to mix and match with the customers existing wardrobe items. The collection is built according to the fashion pyramid model. The top, ‘high fashion’ range consists of limited exclusive pieces using exceptional high-end materials such as reindeer leather and vintage fur sourced from Finland. The range is targeting the Elite and Press and the prices range from £500 to £2000. Although the pieces are likely to be the loss leaders they create excitement and interest in the collection. The mid ‘fashion’ range with its seasonal trend-led pieces ranging from £150-£500 targets the upper middle class man. The most affordable ‘entry’ range, including limited edition graphic t-shirts ranging from £90 to £150 act as entry products to the brand. The easy fit and print focus makes the t-shirts easy to sell online where they will be sold directly to the end user. The wholesale of the higher price point ranges is expected to take a few seasons to pick up whilst the label establishes itself. The t-shirt range is a potential ‘cash-cow’ that would cover the costs of the fashion ranges and be a faster revenue stream to balance the cash flow and enable the company to survive the start-up faze.

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  • 06/28/14--05:31: Daniel Pascal Tanner
  • IMAGE 2

    BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear

    IMAGE 1-3 Photography, James Rees Creative Direction, Rob Phillips Beauty, Melissa Wong Model, Fern Thomas at Select Catwalk Images, Roger Dean Personal Objective I returned to education to study fashion design having worked as a professional dancer in London’s West End. My aim is to work with a womenswear designer as a Design assitant and be able to contribute to the creative process and development of ideas and the production of a collection. I have a keen interest in surface texture, embellishment and craft. I’m interested in the quality and finishings of luxury garments. Skills Technical: Domestic, industrial and specialist sewing machines, including walking foot, heat sealing ultra-sew, and jersey finishings. Technical drawing, CAD, Creative pattern cutting and Toiling Creative: In-depth research and referencing, Collaging, 2D to 3D realization, Illustration IT: Abode creative suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign Education and Awards London College of Fashion: 2011-present BA Fashion Design Technology Womenswear Nicholas Samuel Celebratory Scholarship (2011) London College of Fashion: 2010 Foundation Diploma in Art and Design: Distinction The Dancers Career Development Bursary (2010) London College of Fashion Short Courses: 2009 Exploring colour for designers Introduction to fashion design Introduction to fashion Drawing Hampstead School of Art: 2008-2009 Still life, Portraiture and Mixed Media Collage Laine Theatre Arts: 1998-2001 Musical Theatre Diploma: Distinction Laine Theatre Arts Scholarship The BRIT School 1996-1998 BTec National Diploma in Performing Arts: Distinction Achievements Shortlisted for the BFC portfolio review (2014) Shortlisted for LCF press show (2014) I-D Diversity Now! All Walks of Life competition selection (2014) & LCF collaboration competition finalist (2012) Shirt Of Their Back Charity competition finalist (2011) Work Experience Meadham Kirchhoff: May-Sep 2013 SORAPOL: Jun- Oct 2011 Browier Lewis Fashion PR: Jun- Oct 2009 Press Past Employment Phantom Of The Opera, Dancer, Her Majesty’s Theatre, London (2005-2010) We Will Rock You, Dancer, Dominion Theatre, London (2004 - 2005) Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Dancer, The Palladium Theatre, London (2003-2004) Saturday Night Fever, Dancer, Cologne, Germany (2001-2004) WIzard of Oz, Dancer, Richmond Theatre (2003-2004) Ready Steady Dance, Dancer, UK Tour (2002-2003) Babes in Arms, Dancer, The New Theatre, Cardiff (2001-2002) West Side Story, Dancer, Haymarket Theatre, Leicester (2001-2002)

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  • 06/28/14--05:51: Liushu Lei
  • work of unit2

    MA Fashion Design Technology Womenswear

    Be fun under a certain restriction. Love romantic but with a hint of twist.

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  • 06/28/14--08:53: Helen Williams
  • Pastels

    BA (Hons) Fashion: Styling and Photography

    My work provides aspiration in an attainable way, promoting a lifestyle that brings people together through fashion. food and interiors.

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  • 06/28/14--09:32: Sasha Harris
  • No. 1

    BA (Hons) Bespoke Tailoring

    Tailoring creates a solid foundation for the work I produce. Experimenting with menswear and womenswear I appreciate an attire that is suitable for both sexes; menswear with a subtle feminine touch and womenswear with an understated masculinity. My work tends to be based around a classic ethos, but still with a contemporary edge. I believe in garments that are timeless and less driven by the fashion trends. However, I do think a healthy balance between the two is essential otherwise fashion is never driven forward and therefore does not evolve. A clean cut is also another design principal I live by. Sharp lines and a clear structure set a foundation for me and then I build upon this with my choice of construction and in turn fabrication; through colour and texture. My rule of a clean cut is also put next to and balanced with my love of finishings; this is in terms of sewing finishes and fastenings. Detail and neatness is a part of my personality but also the way I work. Attention to detail is one of the most important skills I like to display and emphasis. I believe it really expresses the quality, time and love that has gone into the creation of a design. Being on the FdA Tailoring course and progressing on to the BA Bespoke Tailoring at The London College of Fashion I have a knowledge of both bespoke tailoring methods and production. This opens your mind to the differences and similarities of both tailoring fields and really helps to identify which you prefer and have more of an interest towards. In terms of inspiration I draw this from everything I see around me. Observation is one of my personality traits, and as mentioned before I pay great attention to detail. I notice the obvious but strive to look for the subtleties while always communicating this in a simplistic and straightforward way. 2014 - Shortlisted for LCF Graduate Press Show 2014 - Featured in the LCF Moving Annual & Printed Annual 2014 - Shortlisted for Diversity Now 2014 Project In collaboration with All Walks - Beyond the Catwalk and i-D Magazine, hosted by Arts Thread 2013 November - Victoria & Albert Museum Fashion in Motion Exhibition 2013 July - LCF Press Show Entrance Display Credits for Images No.1 & No.2 Tailoring by Sasha Harris Embroidery by Can Zhao Photography, James Rees Creative Direction, Rob Phillips Beauty, Melissa Wong PRESS Vogue Look 152-159 Glamour Look 152-159!image-number=153 Made in Shoreditch

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  • 06/28/14--12:07: Kaya .
  • With This Body : 'Fimbria' Set  : JC Photo shoot

    BA (Hons) Fashion Contour

    Final year undergraduate, currently working on a bespoke bridal trousseau collection, entitled With This Body. Luxurious lingerie design, driven by an eye for intricate detail, and enticing aesthetics. The project draws inspiration from research into anatomy, using unusual textures as a catalyst for textile manipulation, combining digital embroidery, and hand embellishment. IMAGE CREDITS : With This Body Photographer : Guy Sargent : Model : Lindsey Ann : Make Up Artist : Clare Alexandra Barber : IMAGE CREDITS : With This Body : JC Photo shoot Photographer: JC Photography Model: Onique Prince Make Up Artist: Dominika Gniewek IMAGE CREDITS: Sophie Hallette 1 Photographer: JC Photography Model: Erica Carvalho Make Up Artist: Melanie Lindsey Jewellery designer: Atilea Jewellery IMAGE CREDITS : Sophie Hallette 2 Creative Director : Rob Phillips : Dress : Louise Thomas :

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  • 06/28/14--14:21: Olivia Howick
  • SS14 Graduate Collection Coat>Editorial Styled by Stephanie Paulo

    BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Surface Textiles

    >>OLIVIA HOWICK Olivia Howick is a Surface Textiles for Fashion graduate specializing in embroidery and embellishment, with a passion for transforming unexpected materials into luxurious fashion embellishment. Her graduate collection: ‘Medicate Me’ is a high-end ready to wear womenswear collection, that demonstrates the collision of contemporary and traditional approaches to medicine, through the exploration of Native American culture and advances in scientific medicine.The collection draws upon a textile tradition, and transforms it to demonstrate a clinical aesthetic which will appeal to the contemporary consumer. Exploration of new materials, in particular the use of PVC, has allowed for highly creative and innovative textile development through embroidery processes, that reflect on traditional craftsmanship, whilst evoking a clinical and medicinal aesthetic. Transforming materials is becoming an increasingly important aspect of Olivia’s work. This collection saw PVC hose pipes cut, dyed and stitched to become PVC beadwork. Combining this with satin stitch work and screen printed fabric, Olivia likes to work with both traditional aspects to textile design as well more unconventional material. Integral to Olivia’s practice is her illustration and drawing. Specializing in highly detailed hand rendered work, her illustration style is graphic, yet rich in textile inspired texture and detail. Olivia was selected as a finalist for the Nina de Yorke fashion illustration prize, and has also been shortlisted to compete to illustrate for the Maria Luisa website. Olivia was selected for the LCF Press Exhibition 2013 and exhibited a sculptural textile piece which demonstrated the concepts surrounding her Final Collection, as well as showcasing new textile development. Olivia is now freelancing within the fashion industry and represented by the Fashion Innovation Agency EDUCATION_ >London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology-Surface Textiles : First Class Honours (2010-2013)>Manchester School of Art Foundation Diploma in Art and Design: Distinction (2009-2010) INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE_ Freelance Textile Designer and Maker: March 2014-present >Claire Barrow: January 2014-February 2014>Erdem: October 2013-December 2013>Leutton Postle: July/August 2013>Alexander McQueen: October 2012, Embroidery Assistant, Paris>Jane Bowler: September 2012: Studio Intern>Alexander McQueen: April-July 2012, Embroidery Intern >Emilio de la Morena: October 2011-January 2012 (part time): Studio/Textiles Intern>Markus Lupfer: May-July 2011(part time): Studio Intern>Beyond Retro:February-April 2011 (part time): Print and Textile Archive Intern EXTRA CURRICULAR+ACHIEVEMENTS_ >Work selected for the London College of Fashion School of Design and Technology Annual 2013 for the BFC, presented at the BFC Graduate Preview Day>Shortlisted for the BFC Chloe Design Competition>Selected as participant for Illustration 2013 -Nina de Yorke Fashion Illustration Competition Finalist -shorlisted for the fashion illustration competition -LCF School of Design and Technology Illustration Annual 2013>Selected as a participant for the FLORA&FAUNA Project - producing T-shirt design entries for the Royal Horticultural Society -collaborative photo shoot, producing digital prints for a dress and headpiece SKILLS_ Adobe Photoshop,Illustrator and Indesign programmes Illustration specializing in hand rendered work Hand Embroidery and embellishment CAD/CAM: Wilcom software for digital embroidery CAD/CAM: Ethos software for laser cutting Specialized Embroidery equipment: craft machines including: irish/cornely/babylock/tanaka/industrial bernina Basic knowledge of flat pattern cutting and grading for womenswear Screen Printing Digital Printing Domestic Knitting Machine Technical Drawing PRESS/BLOGS_ Idol magazine May 2013: Fashion156, Graduate Showcase July 2013: Fashion 156, Graduate Awards: "Surface Decoration' Brooom fashion showcase, Redchurch Street May 2013: Madame Peripetie's Dream Sequence >LCF SCHOOL OF DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY ILLUSTRATION ANNUAL 2013: PAGES 19-22>LCF SCHOOL OF DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY ANNUAL FOR THE BFC: PAGE 33 FULL CREDITS_MEDICATE ME All Garments, Bags and Shoes: Olivia Howick Sunglasses: Sarah-Jane Cook at 'Spangled' Photography: Maximus Barnett Model: Lucy at Next FULL CREDITS_FAUNA&FLORA Headwear Design: Daniel Service Dress Design: Emily Bishop Creative Director: Rob Phillips Photography: Kasia Wozniak Model: Sophia at Select Beauty: Pace Chen Beauty assistants: Yura Do and Melissa Wong Nail Art: Lauren Michelle Pires //1 BTS Polaroid by Rob Phillips //2 BTS by Rob Phillips //3 Editorial, Photographer; Igor Borisov Stylist; Julie Vianey Beauty; Isabelle Bertrand @lillyhowick This collection is for sale as one off garments-prices on request. Bags and Shoes can be made to order.

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  • 06/28/14--18:58: HyeJin Go
  • Creative Direction: Rob Phillips, Photography: James Rees, Textile: HyeJin Go, Jewellery: Henriette Camilla Sveen

    BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles

    Decayed : Passage of Time Creative Direction: Rob Phillip Photography: James Rees Textile: HyeJin Go Womenswear: Arianna Luparia Jewellery: Henriette Camilla Sveen Catwalk Photography: Roger Dean

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  • 06/29/14--01:22: JiaXin Gao
  • photo shoot1

    BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear

    work uploading . FINAL MAJOR PROJECT CONTACT : photo shoot 1&2 credit Womenswear by Jiaxin Gao & Sunjung Pak Prints by Jesika JulyEyewear by Vivian NgPhotography, James ReesCreative Direction, Rob PhillipsBeauty, Melissa WongModel, Jingsi Wang Model, Siwon Lee

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  • 06/29/14--08:48: Nicole Paskauskas
  • 1.

    BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles

    NICOLE PASKAUSKAS CREDITS _________________________________________________ Polaroids Womenswear, Lauren Pilgreen & Fiona Barnes Headpieces and hair accessories, Nicole Paskauskas photography, Rob Phillips RUNWAY 1-7. Womenswear, Lauren Pilgreen & Fiona Barnes Headpieces and hair accessories, Nicole Paskauskas Photography, Roger Dean 1.Womenswear, Lauren Pilgreen & Fiona Barnes Headpiece, Nicole Paskauskas Photography, James Rees, Creative Direction, Rob Phillips, Make Up, Melissa Wong Model, Rosie Elston at Select 2.Womenswear, Lauren Pilgreen & Fiona Barnes Headpiece, Nicole Paskauskas Photography, James Rees, Creative Direction, Rob Phillips, Make Up, Melissa Wong Model, Rosie Elston at Select 3.Womenswear, Laura Needle Bag, Charlotte Bright Photography, James Rees, Creative Direction, Rob Phillips, Make Up, Melissa Wong Dreadlocks, Nicole Paskauskas Hair, Japo Okworobu Model, Rose Lambert 4.'NO CHOICE NO VOICE NO RIGHTS' Womenswear, Sher - Fyonn Chua, Nur Azalea B inti Muhammad Marzuki, Mizzi CY Tan Prints, Nicole Paskauskas Photography, Riccardo Raspa Creative Direction, Rob Phillips, Make Up, Model Kimberly Tham LCF Streetcasting 5.'NO CHOICE NO VOICE NO RIGHTS' Womenswear,Sher - Fyonn Chua, Nur Azalea B inti Muhammad Marzuki, Mizzi CY Tan Prints, Nicole Paskauskas Photography, Riccardo Raspa Creative Direction, Rob Phillips, Make Up, Model Kimberly Tham LCF Streetcasting 6.'CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP' Womenswear, Lauren Pilgreen, Japo Okworobu Prints, Nicole Paskauskas Photography, Riccardo Raspa Creative Direction, Rob Phillips, Make Up, Model Illy Jay LCF Streetcasting PRESS _________________________________________________ DAZED VOGUE GLAMOUR I-D EVENING STANDARD Friday 20th June issue EVENING STANDARD ONLINE LCF NEWS WONDERLAND I-D NOT JUST A LABEL FASHION MONITOR BRITISH MODE ADORN GIRL PLUS COMMA MINUS VIVID FASHION FROUP A SHADED VIEW I-D HUNGER AFTER NYNE BEL JACOBS ACHIEVEMENTS _________________________________________________ 2014 LCF BA Press Show 2014 LCF annual publication and portfolio work towards the BFC colleges council day for Headpiece, hair design and illustration. 2014 Products sold at the 'TEN STORES CHALLENGE' event supporting the charity 'Hopes and Homes', London 2014 Font and Textile design for PROTEST competition on Fashion Revolution day 2014 Poster illustrations exhibited for IFFTI 'power of fashion' conference, Tokyo, Japan. 2013 Distinction level of completion of FDA Surface Textiles foundation degree EDUCATION _________________________________________________ London College of Fashion 2014 (full time) BA Top-up year in Fashion Design Technology: Surface Textiles 2013- 2 year (full time) Distinction level of completion of the Foundation Degree in Fashion Design Technology: Surface Textiles The Fashion and Textiles Museum 2012- 3 day short course in Adobe InDesign Central Saint Martins 2011- 5 day short course programmes: Drawing And Painting for Textile Design, Fashion Drawing London College of Fashion 2011- 1 year (full-time) Access to Higher Education Diploma (Fashion) 2011- 5 day Short course programmes: Adobe Illustrator workshop, Womenswear 1 and 2 St. Peter’s School, York 2010- 4 AS levels includingArt A, Drama B 2009- 10 GCSE’s including Art A* (100% mark) WORK EXPERIENCE _________________________________________________ 2014 April - Textile Design towards SS15 collection Kit Neale, London 2013 Aug Textile Design internship Lady Gonzalez accessories, London 2012 Aug-Jun Textile, pattern cutting and graphic design, stylist assistant internship Kitty Joseph Clothing, (part time) London 2012 Jan-Aug internship PPQ Clothing, (part time) London 2012 Mar two week placement PYNX Technology 2011-2012 neo2 Magazine Feb (London fashion week) Attending and note making key trends for fashion shows and presentations such as PPQ, Mark Fast, Matthew Williamson, Belle Sauvage, Meadham Kirchoff, Bora Aksu, Louise Grey, Kristian Aadnevik, Mary Katrantzou Holly Fulton, Michael Van Der Ham and others 2010 Oct-Feb internship Hannah Marshall, (part-time) London